Controversial Response Penn and MIT Presidents Under Fire for Handling Antisemitism

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Harvard, Penn, and MIT presidents faced backlash for their handling of antisemitism. They wouldn't confirm if calls for Jewish genocide violate anti-bullying policies, outraging the community and officials.

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Presidents under fire for ambiguous response to antisemitism. Critics slammed their failure to condemn calls for genocide, demanding stronger action against hate speech.

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Jewish groups fumed at the presidents' response, citing inadequate student protection and demanding action against campus antisemitism. Apologies were also requested for insensitive remarks.

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Lawmakers grilled presidents at a hearing, demanding answers on enforcing anti-bullying policies and accusing them of prioritizing free speech over Jewish students' safety.

White House

White House blasts presidents for failing to condemn antisemitic calls for genocide, urging universities to step up against such hate.

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Prominent figures, including Bill Ackman, called for the presidents' resignations due to their "moral bankruptcy" and the "failures" of their institutions.ate

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Following criticism, Harvard, Penn, and MIT presidents clarified their stance against antisemitism, reaffirmed support for Jewish students, and promised stronger anti-discrimination policies.

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Antisemitism debate continues in universities: balancing free speech with student protection. Pressure mounts for universities to address on-campus antisemitism. Long-term impact unclear.