Disputed Inheritance Money Following the Passing of a Wealthy Woman Profiting from the Sale of T-Rex Remain

Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton

This slide will introduce the story of the inheritance dispute over the sale of a Tyrannosaurus rex fossil.

Mary Anning

This slide will introduce Mary Anning, the famous fossil hunter who discovered Sue the T-Rex.

Sue the TRex

This slide will introduce Sue the T-Rex, one of the most complete T-Rex fossils ever found.


This slide will discuss Mary Anning's estate, which was worth millions of dollars when she died without a will.


This slide will discuss the legal battle that ensued between Anning's relatives and friends over her estate.

Supreme Court building

This slide will discuss the Supreme Court's ruling in the case, which awarded Anning's friends the majority of her estate, with her relatives receiving a portion.

museum exhibit of fossil

This slide will discuss Mary Anning's legacy as a pioneer in the field of paleontology. Her discoveries continue to inspire scientists and the public.


This slide will conclude the story of Mary Anning and Sue the T-Rex, emphasizing the importance of preserving our natural heritage.