The Magnificent Saga: Fast X Hollywood Movie Unraveled & Reviewed

Fast X movie poster

Fast X - The tenth and final film in the Fast & Furious saga

Dom Toretto and his family

Dom Toretto and his family face their most dangerous threat yet  

Dante Reyes, the villain of Fast X

A terrifying enemy from the past seeks revenge

Dom's family in different location

Dom's family will be scattered across the world

Tess, a new character in Fast X

New allies will be forged and old enemies will return

car chase scene from Fast X

The stakes have never been higher

Fast & Furious cast

Fast X is the ultimate Fast & Furious movie

Fast X movie logo

Coming to theaters May 19, 2023

car driving off into the sunset

Get ready for the final ride

Fast X movie poster

Fast X - The end of the road begins