Lee's Canadian Landfall A Storm Surge of High Winds and Damaging Wave

Lee Makes Landfall in Canada

Lee roars ashore in Canada! CA Post-tropical cyclone slams Nova Scotia with 70 mph winds.

rough waves crashing against Maine's rocky coast

Maine braces for Lee's wrath. High winds and damaging waves threaten coastal areas.

darkened street with downed power line

Power outages plague thousands. ️ Lee knocks out electricity for over 100,000 homes in Maine and Canada.

flooded street with submerged car

Flooding fears rise as heavy rain lashes the region. ️ Downpours threaten low-lying areas in Maine and New Brunswick.

closed gate entrance to Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park closes its doors. ️⛔️ Popular tourist destination shuts down due to dangerous weather conditions.

candlelit vigil in memory of the storm victim

One life lost in Maine's storm surge.  Tragic death reported as Lee slams the coast.

utility workers repairing damaged power line

Cleanup efforts begin as storm weakens.  Crews work to restore power and clear debris.

Stay Safe message displayed on a roadside sign

Residents urged to stay cautious. ⚠️ Officials warn of potential for additional flooding and hazardous conditions.