Navigating the High Seas Greyhound Movie Review & Analysis

Greyhound (2020) movie

This war thriller follows a US Navy commander on his first assignment, tasked with leading an Allied convoy across the Atlantic during WWII.

Tom Hanks as Captain Ernest Krause

Tom Hanks stars as Captain Ernest Krause, a seasoned sailor but inexperienced commander.

Allied convoy ship

The film is set during the Battle of the Atlantic, the longest, largest, and most complex naval battle in history.

German Uboat

The convoy is hunted by a pack of German U-boats, making for a tense and suspenseful film.

Greyhound (2020) movie scene with ships firing cannon

Greyhound is praised for its realistic and thrilling action sequences.

Greyhound (2020) movie scene with Tom Hanks looking out at sea

The film's 90-minute runtime is used effectively, with a taut and engaging story.

Greyhound (2020) movie review

Greyhound received positive reviews from critics, with praise for the action, storytelling, and Hanks' performance.

Academy Award trophy

Greyhound was nominated for Best Sound at the 93rd Academy Awards.

Apple TV+ logo

Greyhound is available to stream on Apple TV+.

Greyhound (2020) movie scene with Tom Hanks looking determined

Greyhound is a must-see for fans of war films, with its realistic action, suspenseful storytelling, and strong performances.