Donor's Dilemma: $100 Million Gift Hangs in the Balance Over President's Fate

University of Pennsylvania campus at night

Penn faces upheaval as $100M gift hangs in the balance, hinging on Magill's ouster following her controversial testimony on campus antisemitism. tuneshare more_vert add_photo_alternate

Ross Stevens, founder and CEO of Stone Ridge Holdings Group

Ross Stevens is a major donor to the University of Pennsylvania and founder of the financial services firm Stone Ridge Holdings Group. He has donated $100 million to the Wharton School and is demanding President Liz Magill's resignation.

Liz Magill, President of the University of Pennsylvania

Penn President Magill defends her record on antisemitism, calls Stevens' threat "unprecedented", and vows to keep working with students and faculty. Board backs her. tuneshare more_vert add_photo_alternate

Wharton School building

Wharton Board urges Magill to resign over leadership and antisemitism concerns. Students and faculty echo the call.

US Capitol building

A congressional panel has announced an investigation into antisemitism at Penn, MIT, and Harvard. Ross Stevens testified before Congress and called Magill's testimony "disingenuous".

students protesting on campu

Penn divided on antisemitism: Magill's leadership questioned, free speech debate heats up.

Liz Magill speaking at a podium

Penn President Liz Magill clings to her post despite backlash from key stakeholders. Board faces a tough decision on her future, leaving the university's fate and community demanding answers.

University of Pennsylvania logo

The University of Pennsylvania is facing an unprecedented crisis. Antisemitism is a major concern, and Magill's leadership is in question. The future of the university is uncertain.