Speaker Mike Johnson Asserts Confidence in Securing Votes for Biden Impeachment Inquiry 

Mike Johnson at a podium speaking

House Speaker Mike Johnson believes he has enough Republican support to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

Gavel banging on desk

Johnson claims the inquiry is "necessary" due to Biden's alleged "high crimes and misdemeanors."

Silhouette of Biden in front of the White House

Specific charges against Biden remain unclear, but Republicans have hinted at concerns about Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Divided House chamber

Democrats fiercely oppose the inquiry, calling it a partisan witch hunt and a waste of time.

uestion mark over the Capitol building

Whether Johnson has the votes for the inquiry remains uncertain. Some Republicans are hesitant.

Biden giving a thumbs-up

Biden has dismissed the impeachment talk as "baseless" and a "political stunt."

Angry protester

Text: The move could further inflame the already-deep partisan divide in the US.

Scales of justice

Only time will tell if the impeachment inquiry becomes reality or fades away.