Wilson Trade Continues to Pay Off Seattle Seahawks’ Success Soars: How the Russell


Foundation for a Potential Cross-Town Rivalry

Wilson alone couldn’t do enough to lead the Broncos to victories. Although the Seattle Seahawks won’t be getting extra draft picks from the Denver Broncos, they have the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a potential local rivalry using the players they’ve chosen with those picks draft picks acquired for Russell Wilson.

On Sunday, after a slow start to the fourth quarter, the Denver Broncos sped towards the sideline with a burst of physicality and facial expressions that painted a clear picture of where things stand between the former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his former coach, Sean Payton.

Wilson’s Sideline Tension during a High-Stakes Moment

In a game characterized by hard-hitting plays that could cut through a block of ice, Payton sent Wilson to the ground when the experienced quarterback took two minutes to orchestrate a comeback, which Jets cornerback Bryce Hall sealed with a game-sealing touchdown. Walking away with a hard-fought victory and a difficult acknowledgment of differences with his former coach, Payton, Wilson had to overcome sideline tension that could have cut through a knife during the Broncos’ fourth straight victory.

Now, amidst his second season with the New York Jets after a tumultuous 2022 campaign under former coach Nathaniel Hackett, Wilson’s circumstances have taken a turn for the worse, even though most of the struggle is not on his shoulders. He has turned the page from his first season with just 11 touchdowns and merely two interceptions in the first five games, resembling a barometric bowler who was Seattle’s disappointment last year.

However, the NFL is a bottom-line business, and Wilson alone couldn’t do enough to lead the Broncos to victories. On the flip side, he and Payton seem constantly at odds, whether it’s Payton telling the quarterback to “stop kissing kids” or wearing a visor to help with calling plays, or an intense sideline altercation that could have seen tension between both leaders escalate with a knife when he removed his helmet while walking away with his coach.

Spectacularly, while it seems that Wilson is struggling in his new environment, the Seahawks continue to benefit from the trade with a pile of draft picks that came in the blockbuster deal. For a quick 3-1 start, General Manager John Schneider and Coach Pete Carroll have created the most intriguing young foundation in the NFL on the backbone of the picks acquired in the blockbuster deal. The first-round pick, Charles Cross, was sidelined due to a Monday injury, but the 23-year-old left tackle should be back in the lineup after a crucial absence..

Besides Hall, the second-round pick, Ejiro Rocher-Diggs, has also started searching for his niche in a revolving role. Selected as part of the package for the Wilson trade, he led the team with quarterback pressure with five during the win against the New York Jets last week, including a key hit on Daniel Jones in the fourth quarter that created a pivotal turnover. Quandre Diggs will add an element of surprise to the 24-3 victory against the Giants on Sunday night football.

It seems that these four young players alone might not be enough to declare Seattle’s victory in the Wilson trade as they’ve now failed to make a significant impact. The organization is also banking on collaboration with former veterans acquired in deals to further strengthen the roster. Athletic tight end Noah Fant, who has significantly improved as a blocker in his two years with the franchise, ranks eighth in receiving yards in the past few games, leading in catches after the bye week, and ranking second in hard catches in the weeks after the fifth week.

This is all thanks to quarterback Drew Lock, who, despite a shaky start in New York, is slowly showcasing his arm strength and underrated mobility while taking the reins of the drive to 14-3 in favor of Seattle in the fourth quarter. When assessing mega trades, it’s always prudent to keep a decision secure for at least two complete seasons after the deal.

Focusing on individual performance, Wilson still has time to turn the tide of the season to some extent for Denver after securing elite draft picks for Seattle. The future of Wilson beyond 2023 is still a question mark as he navigates the team’s struggles at the center while upholding the foundation. With a $35 million cap hit in 2024, Wilson may not want to take further rides on this roller coaster, and Seattle may want to press the reset button with Peyton as the quarterback.

A Historic Rivalry: Geno Smith vs. San Francisco 49ers for NFC West Title

On the other hand, Wilson, Schneider, and the Seahawks have leveraged the high draft picks acquired to step away from their former AFC rivals and establish a historic rivalry of their own. With a foundation in place for years to come, the foundation is now set up for the showdown between Geno Smith and the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC West title or deep into the playoffs, time will tell whether Seattle has what it takes to push San Francisco out of the NFC West title race or not.

But until then, if the Broncos continue to move forward in the winning streak and reach the .500 mark by the end of the season while the Seahawks don’t make a comeback in the playoffs or advance past January, the narrative may not change significantly. With Peyton forced to stay away from Seattle to avoid putting more draft picks into a deal to keep Peyton in check, the organization doesn’t have the necessary capital to fill the holes in the roster, and beyond 2023, Wilson’s future is still up in the air as we watch the team’s struggles at the center.

When it comes to NFL trades, it’s always wise to keep a decision secure for at least two complete seasons after the deal. As we delve into better individual play, Wilson still has time to potentially make a respectable record for Denver beyond 2024. The organization has already established a foundation with the acquisition of elite draft picks, and the foundation is now in place for the upcoming seasons. While the challenges might not be as extensive as the Dolphins’ 70-20 win against the Broncos a few weeks ago, the deal has already fortified a place on Mount Rushmore. One-sided NFL trade saga.”

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